"SMOKING DONKEY" CIGARETTE HOLDER DISPENSER A very funny gag gift! The donkey holds 20 regular size cigarettes the ears are pushed back, a cigarette appears out of it's backside! Great gift for a bartender!! Great idea to keep a donkey behind the bar or on your table top. People love to pull a smoke from the vintage donkey's butt!

1950's Vintage Donkey Cigarette
Dispenser Pull Ears Holder!

It's A Donkey And His Ears Pull Back... Then The Cigarette
In The Box On His Back Comes Out His BUTT!!

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THIS IS A VINTAGE (Probably 1950's) CIGARETTE STORAGE CASE THAT SITS ON A TABLETOP . ITZA DONKEY AND IS EARS PULL BACK AND THE CIGARETTE IN THE BOX ON HIS BACK COMES OUT HIS BUTT! Too cute!!! Its BIG! ABout 8" long about 6" tall and about 2" wide. It is made from a hard hard plastic and other than some vintage dust I can see no damage at all. Both sides are identical except the BOX ...one side has a shovel on it and the other side has a pick axe. A great conversation piece or dispenser for your cigarettes. Don't miss it!

The donkey is brand new, in it's original box and has never been used.

VINTAGE Smoking Donkey Cigarette Dispenser Holder Gag Gift!
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